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Yoshinori Kitase "The Third Birthday" Famitsu Interview, Gamescom 2010

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There's been a lot of buzz going on in the gaming industry with Gamescom going on and the Tokyo Game Show right around the corner. One of the biggest titles that caught our attention in this year's Gamescom, held Cologne, Germany, is "The Third Birthday". This time, during the international press of the event, the playable version was unveiled to the world for the first time! Although he had a very busy schedule, Yoshinori Kitase had time to give the good folks at Famitsu an interview about his time at Gamescom.

Gameplay footage from Gamescom 2010 :

Interview translation from :

-Famitsu: So how did you like the foreign media's reaction?

-Kitase: Great! It caught my attention seeing them getting used to the "overdive" system. It made me feel a sense of joy to see that.

-Famitsu: FPS (First-person shooters) and TPS (third-person shooters) are popular over there so it's probably not too hard for them to adapt as well.
-Kitase: Everyone seemed to enjoy it very much, seeing that pleased me very much.

-Famitsu: So we know that you like playing shooters, Mr. Kitase. What were your initial thoughts on "The Third Birthday"?

-Kitase: It's rather easy to understand and the game has a nice flow to it. The "overdive" system adds a whole dimension to the game and complimented the smooth gameplay. At first I thought it would make me feel rushed being in the situation but I never felt that at all! It actually helps out by giving you different options to help you out in any situation you find yourself in. In a sense, I felt a new kind of game play I've never felt before. For example, if Aya's HP hits 0, there's a motion where she falls, but if you use the "overdrive" correctly, there are ways you can still live, kind of like an emergency maneuver.

-Famitsu: When we played it earlier, there were moments when I thought "Ah, crap!" but the next thing I knew, I managed to stay alive. It was a great feeling, although I did feel a little bad for the NPC that had to sacrifice itself for my sake (laugh)

-Kitase: Yes (laugh), for example, during combat, you can dive to one of your allies and then dive back to where you were before that. You can use that in many strategic ways.

-Famitsu: So there are other uses besides being able to relocate with overdive...

-Kitase: I can't really say much more that has been incorporated to it yet. But one thing I can say is that there are still more that's going to be implemented in the game just to make things as best as it can be.

-Famitsu: There is Aya's growth factor. Will there be any kind of system behind that as well?

-Kitase: Yes, but it's not going to be any kind of simple growth system. It is rather interesting and still in development.

-Famitsu: Judging by what we've read from Mr. Tabata's (director) post in the official Twitter page for "The Third Birthday" it seems like you guys have been very busy but at the same time been having a lot of fun. How much are you looking forward to the release?

-Kitase: Yes, I agree. The response from the team is rather good so far. Development time is usually about 2 years, we do this and that and before we know it, the quality ends up being much better than we had expected. "The Third Birthday"'s team is really compact. I really like the atmosphere behind the brainstorming that goes on in the team. From the designers to the planners. It's as if the enthusiasm that was around when we made the previous games came back. We haven't had that kind of feeling in a while and it's really refreshing.

-Famitsu: A question about a popular topic from the official Twitter, fans have been wondering about that shower scene...

-Kitase: I'm still wondering what to do about that! (laugh). There is a shower room for the CTI soldiers on the map that I'm sure you all have noticed. We don't know how it will be used as of yet.

-Famitsu: So what do you think about the feedback on your official Twitter page?

-Kitase: Actually today, the folks from the foreign media said: "Mr. Nomura has been talking about his plans a lot as of late so please do your best and try to do the same Mr. Kitase!" (laugh). I actually didn't think Nomura and Tabata would be so talkative (laugh). It made me think that they've been keeping an eye on us overseas. Hearing about those remarks made about Tabata and Nomura gave me motivation to step up my game.

-Famitsu: Tell us more about your enthusiasm for the launch.

-Kitase: Winters are known for having strong lineups of games. I'm sure "The Third Birthday" won't disappoint, I'm hoping you guys are all looking forward to it. Also, "The Third Birthday" would be something like a new series for Aya. I'm hoping to make more games to go on afterwards. Personally, I'd like the next one to be on an HD console.

-Famitsu: HD conole?! We'll be looking forward to that. The graphics for "The Third Birthday" looks really great for a PSP game. It's very beautiful.

-Kitase: The designers has been doing a great job. They've been trying to make the best looking PSP game ever and have been using that as their motivation.

-Famitsu: So for the fans waiting in Japan, will there be a playable demo at the Tokyo Game Show 2010?

-Kitase: We have not reached a decision yet, but I'm positive it will be.

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